Private  Studio

11AM - 9PM Tuesday-Thursday, 11AM - 7PM Friday  11AM - 5PM Saturday   +1.312.239.0913

Asha's  Holistic  Massage  Therapy

Private Studio

One-on-one bodywork services in a private setting overlooking Lake Michigan.  FREE private parking. Easily accessible via Lake Shore Drive.  Flexible hours. Women only.

Get an introductory

30-minute back massage treatment for as low as $45


Complete your intake form and Skype with me prior to your appointment.

Integrated Massage

 A combination of clinical and relaxation massage therapy for mind, body and soul.

Integrated Treatment

Human beings are complex. So massage treatments should be diverse.  Each part of the massage is designed to address the needs of the client's mind, body, and spirit.

Relaxation Massage

A sensual, relaxing, Swedish massage with hot stones, aromatherapy and Reiki.


Always gratuity and tax free.



Choose the right treatment. Get better results.  For chronic issues choose the integrated clinical massages.   No issues to address?  Choose the relaxation massage.

Professional Therapist

Licensed, clinical massage therapist. 20 years of experience.  Certified in a dozen+  therapeutic and healing practices.  Background in hospitals and high-end spas.