"​Asha is an intuitive, thoughtful, and knowledgeable massage therapist.  I really appreciate her interest, experience, and passion towards massage therapy.  For my first massage with Asha I wasn't sure what to expect, but within the first 30 seconds of the massage I thought, "wow, she really knows what she is doing!"  She is an all-around wonderful massage therapist that sincerely cares about her work and about her clients.  I felt taken care of and confident on Asha's table.

--Denae P., Client

Boulder, Colorado

"​My experience with Asha is like no other.  I have had many massages before, but this therapist is different.  When I get massages from her I am at a level of relaxation that I never knew existed.  She shows sincere concern about the problems I have with my body.  She gives skilled attention to those areas and has shared valuable knowledge with me as well.

--Cametha G., Client

​Chicago, IL

"Asha received consistently high marks and very positive feedback for her hands-on skills.  She is a passionate advocate for the natural healing arts."

--Robert K. King, Founder & President

 The Chicago School of Massage Therapy

​(now Cortiva)

"​A massage from Asha gives me such relaxation and calmness.  Her amazing hands always feels so good.  There is no better masseuse!

--Nancy T., Client

Grand Beach, Michigan

"​I finally got a massage from Asha and it was the most wonderful massage I've ever had!  I deeply felt the powerful energy she radiates.

--Shannon  J., Client

Three Oaks, Michigan

"Asha has the ability to make our clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Many clients call me and say she's wonderful, magnificent, superb, wonder hands, etc.  I could go on and on.  Most clients will only schedule on the days that she is here."

--Pamela Napier

Women & Children's Resource Center

Rush University Medical Center

"She has been one of my most extraordinary employees, she has consistently been in the top 3 requested therapists and clients rave about her skills."

-- August Spree, Clinic Administrator, Chicago West Loop

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

If you've come here because you're in pain, or suffering from a chronic condition, or needing to take a break from life or maybe just needing a nurturing touch, then you've come to the right place!  I am a licensed, clinical massage therapist trained in a wide variety of therapeutic and complementary therapies such as Reiki, Fijian Barefoot massage, Prenatal, deep tissue, relaxation, ortho-bionomy, therapeutic applications of essential oils, sports massage, oncology massage, reflexology, Chinese cupping, the Focusing Technique and meditation just to name a few.

I have 20 years experience in specialized therapeutic treatments and I work with a diverse group of clients who are either simply trying to maintain their health and mental well being or are living with severe and complicated conditions such as advanced stages of cancer, AIDS, depression, emotional trauma, disabilities, domestic abuse survivors, repetitive strains and severe injuries.  I've worked in hospitals, chiropractic offices, health clubs and luxury spas.  I've combined all of my clinical and spa knowledge into client-specific sessions that promote a holistic approach to health which results in a mental, emotional and physical release of stress.   Check out my testimonial page to learn more about me.

"She not only imbues the professionalism of massage therapy, but also gives the gift of presence in her work.  It was a delicious pleasure!  Thank you Asha!"

--Milena B., Client

Asha's Holistic Massage

Meditation, Reiki & Massage Services

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.  --Buddha

"​Asha is a very positive, loving spirit.  This love energy is felt when  she is helping to release the tension and knots I carry from my day to day life.  Asha's massages are awesome!

--Dorothy Chandler, R.N. 

Chandler's Health Emporium, P.C.

​Chicago, IL

"Asha gets high marks from clients, lending her skill, time and talent to them, as she assists them in overcoming the debilitating symptoms of HIV/Aids."​

--Monica White,

Executive Director, Project Vida